Citizens Climate Lobby

Citizens Climate Lobby Posted by Harlan Johnson, January 29, 2015 My hope is that members of all groups devoted to protecting the environment will join the Citizens Climate Lobby and join - or FORM a chapter at your location. The CCL aims to have a chapter in every congressional district in the US - and also in Canada (and around the world) The goal is clear and simple: To institute a CARBON FEE that will be paid by all fossil fuel companies at the point of extracting the fuel (oil, gas, coal) from the earth - and that a DIVIDEND will be paid equally to everyone (e.g. all taxpayers or all citizens or residents). So everyone will get a check - money that came from Fossil Fuel Industry extractors - and, of course, the cost of fossil fuel products will rise. And citizens can choose to use that money to buy products from coal, oil or gas - or to instead purchase energy from alternative/renewable sources. It's simle. It's not a tax if the Government doesn't keep it. It avoids bureaucracies and minimizes the likelihood of corruption. Already fossil fuel companies are planning for this. We just need to see that it's enacted into a law. Oh yes - the plan is to start small, and to increase the carbon fee and dividend every year. Every year. P

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