Grief Workshop for Environmental Advocates

//** This workshop proposal is from Dawn Harris**//

Many of us work tirelessly to protect the world around us yet don’t take the time to nurture ourselves. I am deeply connected to our planet and have experienced feelings of grief and loss in the face of political corruption, greed, environmental disasters, and the increase in the assault toward the sacred. To help, I have developed a Grief Workshop for Environmental Advocates. The idea is to create "safe space” to explore the emotions that are associated with the difficult work of protecting our planet. We will engage in experiential activities in order to balance our head and our heart experiencing fuller peace. Experiential activities, or hands-on projects, access different areas of the brain; I tie this in with therapeutic exercises in order to provide practical tools for use on the journey of advocacy while creating an opportunity to validate and explore emotional reactions to loss.

These are a few of the workshops I have facilitated: • journal making followed by a formal journaling exercise and small group processing • remembrance collages and/or moving forward vision boards • candle making followed by a candle lighting ceremony • discussion on the tasks of grief followed by personal expressions (songs, poetry, dance, etc)

Grief is a normal reaction to loss whether it is loss of a desired outcome, dream, loved one, pet, job, etc. and how we respond to the loss is very important. Loss affects our emotions (fear, sadness, guilt, depression) but it also affects us physically, spiritually, socially, and psychologically. When we are authentic with our responses to loss and validate our experiences, the result is less burn-out and better ability to engage in the amazing work we do. By attending the Grief Workshop for Environmental Advocates, you will: • learn practical tools for dealing with grief and loss • balance “head and heart” resulting in fuller peace • be reminded of simple strategies for self care • learn to replicate the process with your groups

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