Extreme Energy

What is Extreme Energy? 

The Collaborative is committed to confronting all forms of Extreme Energy.  We define Extreme Energy by its extreme impacts on communities.  We reject any form of energy economy that comes at the expense of a community’s health, life or culture.  All people have a right to clean air, water, soil, healthy food and a way to sustain their families that doesn’t damage other people’s access to the same things.  In the face of a global crisis, all forms of energy that accelerate climate change are extreme, but our struggle isn't just about the climate.  We do not accept trading one community's suffering for another and reject unjust climate “solutions", such as carbon capture and sequestration, mega-hydro dams, and nuclear power. 

As the supply of easily accessible fossil fuels has dwindled, the global demand for energy has grown exponentially.  This, combined with recent technological advances, has pushed methods for procuring energy to ever more extreme and dangerous levels.  We are running out of time.  We recognize that transforming our energy economy requires confronting an entrenched power structure with deep roots.  There are many models and solutions for alternative energy and economy, but the concentrated power of the dirty energy industry and captured governments are preventing them from flourishing.  We believe that the systemic changes necessary to win each of our struggles can only be won by a unified national movement focused on shifting our energy economy towards one that values community well-being over corporate profits.